Our Initiatives

Lemon Hr consulting has grown to build an enviable client list within this short span through their reliable recruitment methodology, cost-effective services, and quick turnaround. Our clients range from dynamic start-ups to reputed MNCs. Within the initial years, Lemon has won several marquee clients and has become the preferred manpower vendor for companies like IBM, Vodafone, Barclays, KANEX etc.

Nest Program

Why NEST ?


  • Based on the fact that it costs 5 times more for an organisation to recruit and train new talent than retaining existing one.
  • Focussed more on entry level positions where attrition is very high.

Situation Analysis

Entry level Segment Traits

  • Very unstable and prone to high employee turnover since will move on for another opportunity even for a small increase in salary/ perks.
  • Un-matured since many of them are first time employed.
  • Inadequately trained - Mostly fresh out of college with absolutely no practical experience.
  • Very hard to source for employer and have to rely on referrals of existing manpower.
  • This leads to group-ism in the organization which is not desired as it may result in blackmail or mass exodus In an unfavorable situation.
  • In most cases this segment is involved in the interaction with the customers which makes them very important in the growth of the organization.

Situation Analysis

Researched Inputs

Though many organizations sponsored by the Govt of India through its National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) are involved in skilling and placing of rural youth to make them employable but desired results were not achieved. This made them initiate a research. The research report has thrown up startling facts :

  • Rural youth preferred a city nearest to their home.
  • Non- work related external factors like Accommodation, Health and Financial Management played a very important part in their decision to return to their villages.
  • Only about 10% of the total skilled youth were able to manage these external factors and survive in the city lifestyle.
  • Those that returned to the villages often discouraged their peers to seek out a living in the city which was the reason for dwindling numbers in the skilling institutes.

Nest Objectives

  • To manage attrition of employees by providing support for the external factors thereby providing 360 degree management of the employees. This will allow them to focus on their jobs. The management program includes the following:
    • Accommodation nearest to work place
    • Health check ups and Out patient (OP) benefits
    • Financial Management/ Insurance.
    • All applicable compliances like PF and ESIC,PT


  • Each city/Town is divided in zones. The zones are East, West, North, South and Central.
  • In each zones partnerships are established with Hostel owners, rental agencies and house owners.

Benefits to the Candidates

  • Candidates are provided accommodation nearest to their place of work in the respective zone. This cuts travel time
  • Little or no advance as the candidate will ride on the relationship between Lemon HR and house owner
  • Best rates in terms of rents.
  • Totally optional to the candidate. It is his/her choice to avail the service.

Financial Management

  • Major area of concern for the candidates.
  • Often fall into financial traps from which they cannot recover.
  • The above situation leads to frustration and is shown in the work place.

Financial Management provided by LemonHR

  • Every candidate is made to open a bank account for financial inclusion
  • Other service like ATM card and net banking also
  • Tie up with banks to provide personal loans to the candidates.
  • NSDC Research has proven that liabilities leads to retention of employees and increases their focus at the work place. This is especially true for this segment.


  • By default every candidate on Lemon HR rolls is given an accidental death benefit of 1 lakh rupees. This safeguards the employer in case of any eventuality.
  • ESIC benefit for all eligible candidates.
  • Optional Mediclaim policy of 5 lakhs for those candidates with out ESIC cover. The best premium rates and the cost for the same to be borne by the employer.

Health Benefits

  • Tie – up with hospitals for master health check –ups on a reduced cost basis.
  • ESIC benefit for the candidates and their family in case of hospitalisation. Lemon HR will provide the candidate the required service at the time of need.


  • Statutory compliances like PF and ESIC
  • Total peace of mind as we will handle any issues from authorities as the employees will be on the payroll of Lemon HR